I didn’t know you did that!

People often say to us, “I didn’t know you did that!” or “Do you do small/big jobs too?” So here is a 60-second read to let you know what we do best. You all know we repair buildings and do it well. But what size repairs you ask? We can complete any size building repairs. […]

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My Repairbuild – celebrating 30 years

My Repairbuild is proud to say we are celebrating 30 years of repairing your homes and buildings. Thirty years ago, as the first Harley-Davidson Fat Boy rolled off the line, Keanu Reeves chased a group of bank-robbing surfers and Australian audiences were introduced to the Simpsons, R&S Trading started from their humble beginnings in a […]

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How Does Flood Damage Impact Your Cabinetry?

Flood damage is unfortunately an all-too-common event. Your cabinetry may fall victim to weather or water mismanagement.

Flood damage, be it from weather or pipe damage, is an unfortunate inevitability when living in South-East Queensland and surrounding areas. Being prepared for a flooding event can go a long way to lessen the damage toll but, unfortunately, it is often cabinetry that pays the ultimate price. Cabinetry in your kitchen, laundry and storage […]

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Fixing Fire Damage in Your Kitchen – What You Need to Know

Fire damage can take a real toll on investment and residential properties. The clean up process, however, does not have to be arduous.

Fire damage in a kitchen is a significant event that can have a real and lasting impact on the structural integrity of any property. Hiding behind any superficial damage that’s easy to spot can be deeper damage that could compromise the safety of the space as well as its liveability for tenants. Fire damage should […]

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Combustible Cladding – How to Protect Yourself

Combustible Cladding

The issue of combustible cladding is certainly a hot topic amongst strata and building owners. There are quite a few things that you need to know about the combustible cladding approval process to ensure that you’re not caught out. What is Combustible Cladding? Combustible cladding refers to the use of combustible materials in external walls […]

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Stop! Wait! Can I do my own home insurance repairs?

Is it possible to do your own home insurance repairs? What’s involved and what are YOU risking?

Your kitchen or bathroom may have flooded, you might be trying to rectify damage caused by tenants in a rental property or you may be looking to do some strata repairs on the cheap. But what are you risking by undertaking this task by yourself? Is it achievable to do your own insurance repairs? And […]

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When Should I Call My Insurance Company?

should I call my insurance company

When Should I Call My Insurance Company? Are you a body corporate manager who has identified a series of issues that require immediate attention? A homeowner who has experienced water damage and in need of serious help!  “Should you call your insurance company?” the answer is almost certainly YES. It might be tempting to undergo […]

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