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Buildings must all be built to the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC provides a minimum level that buildings, building elements, and plumbing and drainage systems must meet.

One of our experience building inspectors can carry out a building inspection to identify key defects that may prevent your building from meeting code and causing your building to fail. The mistakes that may have been made are now YOUR problem – and you’ve got to do something about it.

My Repairbuild specialise in identifying poor building practices and can provide you with accurate information to ensure that they are rectified promptly and professionally. We are ready and able to solve your problem in a timely manner and get the job done right the first time. If left unattended to, defective building work can result in further damage to your building and cost you more down the track.

Common Building Inspection Defects

A building defect repair report can help to solve problematic issues that are causing your building to leak, sink, rot and unnecessarily deteriorate causing greater maintenance costs.

This may involve leaking windows, cracked bricks, drummy tiles or something more serious – and potentially dangerous.

Strata building construction defects and house building construction defects can be both dangerous and costly. You need a team on your side who know what they are doing, can identify code compliance issues, and resolve them in a timely and expert manner.

The Building Defect Repairs Process

Our inspection will start with a visual inspection and we will advise if any specialist investigative work is required moisture testing are just two of an extensive list of areas that will form part of the inspection process.

My Repairbuild can prepare a building report that addresses the building defective work that has been carried out, explain how it is affecting your building long and short term, and advise you how to rectify it. We will provide a scope of works on how to rectify the defects. We can also provide a quote to rectify the defects. You can then undertake the next part of the process by rectifying the issues that the report has identified as needing attention.

If you are concerned that your building is not to code, we can help you with the reliable advice you need so that your building is everything it should be. After all, you deserve to be safe in the knowledge that your structure (and investment) are sound. That’s why you need the safest and most reliable industry professionals.

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