My Repairbuild Services | Insurance Builders Queensland and Northern NSW

My Repairbuild Services | Insurance Builders Queensland and Northern NSW

At My Repairbuild, we are the experienced insurance builders and repairers in Queensland and Northern NSW. Backed by highly qualified staff who have a wealth of knowledge about the industry, a stellar reputation for excellence, and incredibly high standards of work; we’re your go-to insurance builders when it comes to insurance repairs, strata repairs, building refurbishment, renovation, and general repair.

The Best Insurance Builders in Queensland and beyond

What do we do? Glad you asked.
At My Repairbuild, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service across a varied range of project types and scopes.
Here’s what that looks like.

What We Do

• Insurance Repairs – including but not limited to fire damage and restoration, storm and water damage and restoration, impact repairs, malicious damage, break and enter repairs.
• Make Safes – An electrical safety issue due to weather or a lack of security may have rendered your building unsafe. It’s our job to attend as a matter of urgency to make sure everyone is safe and further damage is prevented on a 24/7 basis for your safety and peace of mind.
• Building Defect Repairs – Builders who lack knowledge and skill can produce haphazard results that culminate in building defects. My Repairbuild can identify issues for you and implement workable solutions.
• Building Reports – We provide inspections, offer advice, help with design, construction, and repair.
• Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling and Renovation – Design, finishes and building solutions from the start of the job to finish.
• Strata Building Repairs – ACP Solutions, attending to water leaks, concrete cancer and a wide range of other issues including engineering and certification.

Our Special Promise to You

At My Repairbuild, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our work to suit your needs for insurance builders in Brisbane (and beyond). We do emergency repair, commercial and residential repair, major and minor job sites, strata repair and maintenance, fire rebuilds and some of the largest, most complex jobs imaginable.
Our approach is simple. We treat every client as an individual with their own set of complex needs. We assess what’s required and then we complete the job from start to finish, keeping in touch with you via our excellent admin team every step of the way.
It’s the My Repairbuild difference. Every customer, every job, every time. It’s how we work.

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