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My Repairbuild has a long-established reputation as an experienced and reliable insurance repair builder in the business. Beginning in 1990, we have earned our reputation by completing work in a professional manner and to the highest possible standard.
We provide insurance repairs and builds across both the residential and commercial sectors. We use and trust only the finest tradespeople who are backed by many years’ worth of experience. We know exactly what we’re doing and we do it well.

My Repairbuild deal with damage from an insurance event. This may be an escape of liquids, a burst hose, the impact of a vehicle, or weather-related, accidental or malicious damage. We like to think of it as ‘building backwards’ – it needs experience, logic, a steady hand and a clear mind to put something back together properly. Insurance repair builders know that there is hidden damage that an unskilled tradesperson may not be aware of – that’s why we have knowledge of building processes going back 100 years to get a thorough repair job. We believe in a cure, not a band-aid solution.

Insurance Repairs Builders – What Do We Do?

Whether it be a strata repair job, a commercial endeavour or a private residence – we provide the same high level of competence and skill in every situation.

We specialise in repairs and rebuilds for:
• Make Safes – In an emergency, we ensure the safety of everyone by ensuring we quickly put a halt to the damage before embarking upon the repair
• Fire Damage – Smoke can have a lasting impact on your building so you’ll need to be certain your repairs are properly assessed
• Malicious Damage – Vandals and criminals are no match for our professional and thorough response team
• Water and Storm Damage – Any hidden damage will be found by us!
• Break and Enter Repairs – Burglary is an unfortunate reality, but we can make the problem seem like a distant memory for commercial and residential clients
• Many other tasks – we are flexible and adapt to the job at hand
We’re the insurance builders for any type of damage or disrepair that you can imagine. We pride ourselves on being easy to communicate with and efficient in what we do. We stand behind our team and we know that the work we do exceeds that of our competitors.

A Word on Insurance

Please note – insurance will not cover long term damage. It will only cover the damage caused by the immediate event that we are responding to. We can help you examine your policy – they can sometimes be difficult to cut through! We’ll ensure the correct Scope of Works is quoted for your individual situation.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

As well as working in the field of insurance repair building, we also do kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our eye for detail, knowledge of the field and hands-on experience make us the perfect choice for giving your kitchen and bathroom a new lease on life.

Building Owners and Strata Repair

Our building owners and strata clients can rest assured that when they are pursuing insurance repairs and builders, they’re going to be dealing with consummate professionals with decade’s long experience in the industry.
My Repairbuild boast an incredible Senior Project Supervisor (with over 35 years’ experience) with extensive knowledge of building. Our Project Manager and Building Development Manager has dealt with vastly complex, huge-scale projects with a creative approach and a fresh, ‘out of the box’ style of problem-solving. The Managing Director brings vast industry and management experience, excellent customer service and the kind of dedication and skill that’s becoming a rarity in the industry.
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