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Part 3 – Deadline – 3rd May, 2021
(A Fire Engineer must be engaged no later than the 31st October, 2019)

Combustible Cladding Checklist

The Combustible Cladding Checklist has caused a lot of stress and concern for many strata and building owners. My Repairbuild offer a complete hassle-free process by communicating with the QBCC, engaging a Fire Engineer, lodging necessary paperwork with Safer Buildings and providing you with a report.

Which buildings are affected?

Buildings that were required to be assessed for combustible cladding:

  • Building Class 2-9
  • Type A or B construction
  • Identified as being built or modified between 1st January 1994 and 1st October 2018

Here you can view: “Guidelines – For Assessing Buildings with Combustible Cladding”

Part 1 – Expired

This expired on 29/03/19. A building owner was required to register their building using the online system Safer Buildings. The system prompted the owner to answer a number of questions regarding the materials on the building. The system automatically determined whether the building was considered an affected building. The building owner signed a Statutory Declaration and the building either exited here at Part 1 or progressed into Part 2. Unfortunately, if this was not lodged prior to 29th March 2019, the building was automatically pushed into Part 2.

Part 2 – Expired

This expired on 31/07/19. If the building progressed to Part 2, the building owners were required to engage the services of a BIP (“Building Industry Professional”). BIP’s are individuals who have completed training and specialise in the professional assessment of fire and safety strategies. The BIP, completed and provided the building owner with a Building Industry Professional Statement indicating whether the building contained combustible cladding (see guidelines above). This Statement was uploaded into Safer Buildings online system. If combustible cladding was not identified the building exited at Part 2, however if combustible cladding was identified the building progressed to Part 3. Unfortunately, if a BIP was not engaged and documentation was not lodged prior to 31st July 2019, the building was automatically pushed into Part 3.

Part 2 – TAKE TWO

We have some good news!!

Buildings that may have progressed to Part 3 incorrectly can be reassessed.

A proportion of buildings have proceeded to Part 3 due to ancillary combustible elements being identified on the building. These products and configurations were not the catalyst for the legislation but due to the wording of the legislation have been captured in the process.

Therefore where combustible attachments or ancillary items have been identified, and those attachments are not representative of “external cladding” our preferred approach is to attempt to interpret the BOLCAR Regulation, the DTS Provisions of the Building Code of Australia, and the Guidance provided by the QBCC to demonstrate compliance so that these elements satisfy the legislation and can safely exit at Part 2.

Contact us urgently at or 3290 2900 if you would like more information on this service.

Part 3 – In Progress

A building owner is required to engage the services of a Fire Engineer who will undertake a further assessment and provide recommendations. A Fire Engineer must be engaged no later than the 31st October, 2019. All building owners (in Part 3) must have completed the building fire safety risk assessment, fire engineer statement and combustible cladding checklist (questions 7-10) no later than 3rd May 2021 so as to comply with the guidelines.

How can we Help?

Here at My Repairbuild we have partnered with Fire Engineers and Certifiers to ensure that your Combustible Cladding Checklist is accurately completed. We will provide you with ongoing updates and advice in order to complete the Combustible Cladding Checklist within a reasonable time-frame and budget.
My Repairbuild are your trusted BIP’s with over 20 years’ experience in working with aluminium cladding panel.

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