Building Reports

What Do Our Building Reports Cover?

  • Insurance Causation Reports & Scopes
  • Building & Pest Inspection Repair Estimate Based off Report Provided (Client does not own house yet)
  • Roof Reports (Metal, Tile, Decramastic Tiles)
  • Structural Reports
  • Defective Building Reports
  • Bathroom Water Tests
  • Engineering Reports
  • Leak Detection

Our insurance damage reports cover fire, water, impact, storm, and malicious damage. They confirm the cause of the damage and provide a thorough, full scope of repairs required, including all of the resultant damage. We are well known for our thorough scoping to ensure the job is done right the first time.

We report on building construction defects and believe that everyone has the right to be properly informed about the state of their building or home.

We can provide a cause of leak reports and water tests and work hard to follow a process of elimination to find the source of the problem. Do you have a leaking roof or believe your roof construction is not up to code? My Repairbuild is well versed in all things tile, metal, asbestos, shingle, and slate.

Our Engineering reports see us working with our Engineering partner to examine your building. Our Builder and Engineer team approach results in the best scope of work of repair for our clients. Ensuring the repair is both effective and practical.

Best People on the Job

The collective experience from the My Repairbuild team speaks for itself. We have the best of the best of Senior Building Consultants and Building Assessors and Supervisors – everyone on our team has been selected because of their extensive building knowledge and reputation for excellence.


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