Fixing Fire Damage in Your Kitchen – What You Need to Know

Fire damage can take a real toll on investment and residential properties. The clean up process, however, does not have to be arduous.

Fire damage in a kitchen is a significant event that can have a real and lasting impact on the structural integrity of any property. Hiding behind any superficial damage that’s easy to spot can be deeper damage that could compromise the safety of the space as well as its liveability for tenants.

Fire damage should be addressed as quickly and as professionally as possible in order to rectify issues and any underlying problems that may become worse if left unchecked.

What A Fire Damage Assessment Will Involv

An initial assessment by your insurer will immediately determine the integrity of the structure and whether or not it is safe enough for use or inhabitation. This will take into consideration the presence of any soot, smoke or water damage that occurred as a direct result of the fire.

The repairs process will then take place after negotiation with your insurance company.

The Repairs Process to Address and Resolve Fire Damage

It is important to employ the services of a professional team backed by years’ worth of experience in the field of insurance repairs.

The process itself will involve:

  • Clarity and accuracy of quoting and reporting of damage
  • A thorough examination process to ascertain how much, if any, of the original structure is salvageable
  • Sourcing of appropriate materials in order to construct a repair build that maintains the original appearance of the space
  • Potential remodelling and a new design if you wish to take this as an opportunity to overhaul the space
  • An investigation into and rectification of any fluid damage sustained in the process of both the fire and its extinguishing
  • Detailed and thorough reporting to ensure that the status of the property complies with building codes.

Customer Satisfaction

A fire event, no matter the size, can be a stressful and concerning situation. Whether you own the property, you represent a body corporate or you have private tenants, this is an unfortunate circumstance that can induce anxiety and uncertainty.

It’s important to work closely with a professional team who are not only highly experienced but industry leaders in terms of customer experience. My Repairbuild will ensure that the fire damage claim and rectification process is appropriately responded to in a timely manner. You can rest assured that you will be kept up to date with all developments.

Make My Repairbuild your first choice when it comes to the repair of fire damage to your property.

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