I didn’t know you did that!

People often say to us, “I didn’t know you did that!” or “Do you do small/big jobs too?” So here is a 60-second read to let you know what we do best.

You all know we repair buildings and do it well. But what size repairs you ask?

We can complete any size building repairs. We carry a Medium Rise QBCC licence. Firstly our experienced supervisors attend and assess your job. We attend EVERY job we quote and expertly assess the cause of the damage and the resultant damage. We DO NOT send our subcontractors to assess as this is the KEY to ensuring the job is assessed correctly in the first instance.

We employ carpenters, painters, plasters, tilers and all the handy trades that any good builder should be able to carry out inhouse.  For the bigger jobs, we engage our trusted subcontractors who are qualified and licenced to do the job. There are great benefits in using a qualified builder than going direct to a subcontractor. We oversee the whole situation and conduct progress checks to ensure the contractors are carrying out the work to the required standard and building codes.

Here are a few examples of our jobs… both Small and Large

Small Job Example - Under $2000

Medium Job Example - Under $15,000

Large Job Example - Over $100,000

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