How Does Flood Damage Impact Your Cabinetry?

Flood damage is unfortunately an all-too-common event. Your cabinetry may fall victim to weather or water mismanagement.

Flood damage, be it from weather or pipe damage, is an unfortunate inevitability when living in South-East Queensland and surrounding areas. Being prepared for a flooding event can go a long way to lessen the damage toll but, unfortunately, it is often cabinetry that pays the ultimate price.

Cabinetry in your kitchen, laundry and storage areas bears the brunt of flooding events. Flood damage in these areas can lead to unsightly discolouring and can compromise the structural integrity of the area.

The Impact of Flood Damage on Cabinetry

Flood damage on cabinetry is of particular concern in a kitchen area. Countertops and cabinets may have to be replaced due to the severity of the damage. The interior of the cabinetry may be damaged beyond repair, requiring replacement.

The replacement and refitting of cabinetry in a kitchen is no easy task and will involve the consultation and assistance of a professional team. They will be able to assess the full extent of the damage and advise you on the repair or rebuild process. It is quite possible that water may well have loosened the adhesive materials that are designed to fix countertops in place – leading to rot and dislodging after some time has passed.

It is vital to take flood damage to cabinetry seriously and not attempt a ‘quick fix’ of your own. These items are the backbone of your kitchen and space and need to be structurally sound in order to ensure the whole space is usable and that it adheres to any and all building codes.

Replacing Cabinetry

Should cabinetry prove damaged beyond repair, the effective build of a new system could prove the best possible action for your repair build. Cabinetry in a kitchen area must be designed to not only complement the rest of your home or investment property but to be as functional as possible.

When electing to redesign and start from scratch, it is advised that you stay abreast of kitchen design trends and think of this flood damage event as an opportunity to improve the value of the property.

Cabinet-making will involve the employment of the best possible team who are passionate about their craft. They will be able to bring life back to your space after flood damage and craft a new area that you can be proud of.

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