When Should I Call My Insurance Company?

should I call my insurance company

When Should I Call My Insurance Company?

If you’re questioning if you should call your insurance company, chances are you’ve run up against some unexpected (and potentially catastrophic) damages to your property or strata building.

Perhaps you’re a body corporate manager who has identified a series of issues that require your immediate attention. Potentially you’re a homeowner who has experienced some water damage and you’re in need of serious help!

You may well be tempted to investigate a ‘quick fix’ by getting a local tradesperson in to patch over the issue. While this may save you money and time in the short term, you could find yourself in real trouble if it’s revealed that the issue was more serious than you first thought. A dodgy or cheap fix that’s followed up by an attempted insurance claim could well put you in breach of policy – meaning that your insurer won’t be interested in following through with your claim.

So if you’re asking, “Should I call my insurance company?” the answer is almost certainly yes.

It’s important to call your insurance company after an accident, identification of a fault or some damage occurs. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Identify the problem and take precautionary steps

If there is a hazard identified in your building or dwelling, you need to ensure that safety is paramount. The area should be cordoned off and all people kept well away from the site. The last thing you want to do is risk injury – for ethical and liability reasons.

2. Contact your insurer

You should call your insurance company as soon as possible once the risk or damage has been identified. They’ll be able to talk you through the claims and repair process, and you’ll be able to get a ballpark figure of the costs. These may change during the insurance repair process once the true extent of the damage is assessed.

As a building or strata owner or body corporate manager, it’s your role to make sure the insurance company is well aware of the extent of the damage or of the defects that need to be repaired.

3. Get the problem fixed

Your insurer will work with a loss adjustor to determine the best repairer for your individual situation.

Using a company like My Repairbuild means that all repairs and fixes will be done ‘in-house’ via a team that boasts decades of experience within the insurance repair industry. Each and every member of the My Repairbuild team is an expert in their field and perfectly positioned to provide the absolute best fix to your problem – be it big or small.

Contact My Repairbuild after you talk to your insurance company.

Get in touch via our contact page or call us on 3290 2900 today to talk about how we can work together to get the best solution possible for your insurance repairs.