Building Reports | Building Maintenance Reports Done Right The First Time

Building Reports | Building Maintenance Reports Done Right the First Time

Comprehensive building reports are not something to be taken lightly. You want the right people working at the right pace who have both the knowledge required and a ‘can do’ attitude. You want a project done in a timely and professional manner. You want to work with a team you can trust who will deliver the information you desperately need to know.
Building reports are vital. They must be accurate, complete and leave no stone unturned. At My Repairbuild, we stand by our people. We know that they can be relied upon to take the upmost care in delivering you with the information that you need to know about your building or project.

Best People on the Job

The collective experience on the My Repairbuild team speaks for itself. We’ve got the best of the best from Senior Project Advisors to Project Managers to Building Assessors and Supervisors – everyone on our team has been hand-picked because of their reputations for excellence.

Creating a Building Report and Gauging Building Defects

My Repairbuild’s building reports are complete and accurate documents that reflect the scope and scale of the task at hand. Assessments and estimations are completed to a highly professional standard and delivered on time, every time.
It’s important that all documentation that relates to your building or project is accurate. My Repairbuild puts specific checks and balances in place to ensure that the data you receive is the data that you need.

What Do Our Building Reports Cover?

Here’s what we do.
We provide insurance damage reports that cover fire, water, impact, storm and malicious damage. These confirm the cause of the damage and provide a thorough, full scope of repairs required including all the resultant damage.
My Repairbuild works on building construction defects wherein defective building works are reported upon. We believe that everyone has the right to be properly informed about the state of their building or home. It’s our privilege to get you up to speed so you can face the future and make accurate decisions about the way forward.
We provide Cause of Leak reports as we find that leaks cause our clients to lose a lot of time and money and to gain a lot of heartache. We don’t believe in the quick fix band aid solution. We work hard to follow a process of elimination and do our best to find the source of the problem.
We report on leaking roofs, construction and works that aren’t up to code. This means we’re well versed in all things tile, metal, asbestos, shingle and slate.
My Repairbuild’s building reports examine types of construction. This is handy upon purchase or when you’re moving towards being ACP compliant. Our thorough reporting system will give you an incredibly accurate snapshot of your building and help you plan your next move.
Finally, we undertake Strata Titled Unit Pre-Purchase Reports. These involve unit inspections or POA inspections of entire buildings.

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